COVID-19: Protection Measures:

Precautions against COVID-19:

Simple and easy precautionary measures effective for protection from COVID-19 are:
• Social distancing; avoid going out of your homes unnecessarily. Maintain a safe distance of 3 feet from other individuals when outside your homes.
• Frequent washing of hands with either soap and water or alcohol-based hand-rub, especially after activities such as coming in contact with any individual, buying groceries or any interaction outside your home. However, it should be ensured that the tap is off while rubbing your hands with soap to avoid wastage of water.
• Avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes.
• Ensure good respiratory hygiene. Cover your mouth while coughing and sneezing and immediately safely discard your tissues.
• If you are showing symptoms of fever and dry cough, do not leave your house isolate yourself from the other members in the house.
• Elderly and people suffering from a medical condition should not be allowed to leave their house or to come in contact with visitors.
• After coming home, it is advised to discard the clothes in the laundry and immediately take a shower.
A chatbot has been developed by the Government of Pakistan for awareness and risk measurement regarding COVID-19, which can be assessed at

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