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Proper disposal of household waste during COVID-19 outbreak:

Safe disposal of household waste is essential, especially during COVID-19 pandemic to avoid spread to the disease. Some measures to avoid spread of the disease by safely managing the waste include:
• The garbage cans/ dustbins should be kept clean and regularly disinfected to avoid any chances of infection.
• The garbage should be safely contained and packaging of waste should be performed as close as possible to the point of generation.
• While handling the waste of a COVID-19 suspected or confirmed patient, gloves and mask should be used to avoid direct contact with the waste to avoid infection. The gloves and mask should then be disposed off immediately.
• For bins or containers that have been used in isolation rooms or in close proximity to patients confirmed as infected with COVID-19, the surface of the bins should be regularly disinfected (information on disinfection can be obtained from sources linked below).
• Implementation of “double bagging” of waste from patients confirmed as infected with COVID-19. The waste should be placed in a rubbish bag and then enclosed in another bag.
• Each bag must be hand tied by gathering and twisting the neck of the bag and using a tie or hand knot to secure the bag. Make sure the waste is not leaking from the bag.
• The waste bag should only be filled two-third to avoid over spilling.
• The waste of the person showing symptoms of the diseases should be kept separate from the other household waste. Do not immediately put the waste of the person showing symptoms or affected by COVID-19 with other household waste. Keep the waste separated for 72 hours before putting it with the normal waste.
• Waste should be stored safely and kept away from children. If you live in a building with communal waste areas you should store your waste for at least 72 hours before putting the bags in the communal area.
• Other household waste can be disposed off as normal.
More information can be found at: COVID-19 and waste management and Waste management for COVID-19 virus