Guidelines for Schools- Clean Green Pakistan

Creation of Clean Green Club

Constitute a Clean Green Club in each school (including the Head Teacher, 2-3 teacher and student head of Clean Green Club).

Guidelines for Schools- Clean Green Pakistan

Recruitment and Assigning Role of Clean Green Scouts/Champions

Recruit at least two champions from each class willing to work as Clean Green Scouts/ Champions (with equal gender distribution). Clean Green Scouts/ Champions shall be lead the coordination and serve as information sharing point between academic committee and their classmates for various relevant campaigns and activities.

Resource Mobilization

Development of C&GPM Bank at school with in-kind support request to students e.g. plants and cleaning material.

Module Development

Develop a module on C&GPM concept, roles and responsibilities of green scouts, resource mobilization and social campaigning on task assigning approach.

Awards and Appreciation

Each of Green Clean Scout/ Champion shall be awarded with certificate having preference in awards.Best green scout award in inter-school competitions.


Schools shall fill a Performa for annual progress around all five pillars of C&GPM and shall submit this to district cell of C&GPM at DCO office through directorate of schools. District cell of C&GPM shall consolidate the reports of the colleges and shall manage a dashboard for progress tracking of each college. District cell of C&GPM shall issue appreciation certificate to three top performing school from each tehsil.


WASH cell at MoCC in collaboration with HEC shall assign the annual ranking of the universities based on their performance for C&GPM. Ranking weightage shall include outputs of specific activities and research publication related to C&GMP.

Specific Activities For Five Pillars Of Clean Green Pakistan Movement

Tree Plantation

  • Sowing and growing one plant by each of the student with annual target of 1 plant by each student.
  • Conduct inter-school's art work competitions on the theme of green environment and displaying the best developed art work in public galleries for encouraging the students.
  • Organize two annual awareness campaigns in sowing seasons, in which at least 100 banners/posters with the theme of tree plantation and green environment by the college shall be displayed at public places.

Solid Waste Management

  • Conduct awareness campaigns for 1,000 households for sensitizing local community on solid waste segregation and management.
  • Carry out cleanliness campaigns in local adjacent markets/areas.

Liquid Waste Management & Hygiene

  • Participate in hand washing days with support of private sector in adjacent communities and schools.
  • Learn Hand Washing methods and follow these in daily life practices.

Total Sanitation

  • Awareness and sensitization of students on Total Sanitation through story-telling and games module with a concept of developing school children as change agent/advocate for C&GPM.
  • Make all toilets and hand washing facilities functional in the schools.

Safe Drinking Water

  • Sensitization of students for safe drinking water and capacity building of students on economic methods of water purification i.e. boiling water, SODIS and bio-sand filters.
  • Celebrate water days in high risk communities (identified by Local Governments).
  • Create awareness among the communities about water treatment options at household levels and water safety.
  • Promote the judicious use of drinking water and discourage the unnecessary use of drinking water for car wash, streets etc.